Why CashTrack?

It dates back to mid-2015. I had 3 savings accounts and 4 credit cards. All acquired to get the “free” $80 cashback or the promise of enough miles to get to Europe. As I finally sat down to get a look at my expenses, I found myself spending a lot of time just getting all my monthly e-statements in place. Some of them were in my email, but they were password-protected with a password I didn’t remember. So, I spent a while using iBanking to get my transactions for the last 2 months and figure out where all my cash was going.

Midway through poring over transactions codes, dates and illegible transaction description, I came across an expense for $30 called “CCGOP56439….“(there were more than 10 numbers after CCGOP). I had absolutely no idea what it meant and what I had bought for $30 from CCGOP. Googling and Bing-ing didn’t help. After 15 mins of wracking my brain and checking receipts, I realised that I may have been duped by someone.

I decided to report this to the bank. I was listening to the ‘your call is important to us‘ message accompanied by airplane music when I realised that CC could mean ‘Credit Card‘. After all, I had come across a few transactions with CC in them. I searched for ‘GOP singapore’ and it all clicked into place. I now remembered the $30 expense I had made on the Government Online Portal. For some of you, CCGOP will be quite obvious. But for most, it means nothing. 10 more transactions with indecipherable transaction codes and we have a problem.

While tracking my expenses, I also realised that I had spent a bomb at Starbucks. I thought my coffee consumption was regular, a latte here and a a espresso there but not $100 a month!

That’s when I realised that there had to be a better way to track my expenses aside from poring over reams of e-statements or scanning receipts. There is a solution and its called Mint!

But that doesn’t work for Asia…

Is there a solution for Singapore or Asia?


Since then, we have been developing a solution to automatically track your expenses (Hint: It’s called CashTrack). How it works is simple:

The application securely(a blog post on our security practises coming soon) connects to your bank account using iBanking credentials and your 2FA token. We pull in your transaction history from all your accounts and cards in one place and show you intuitive graphs and visualisations of your spending habits. All to give you a better idea of where your money is going each month. No need to manually track expenses or scan receipts.

So, you could search for ‘food‘ and see all the food places you have spent on in the past quarter.

We accomplish this by automatic categorization algorithms which convert transaction codes into merchant names/descriptions. So, from ‘CCGOP..’ to ‘Gov Online Portal SG‘.

That’s all!

CashTrack is in private beta and will be launching soon. Sign Up now to check out the product and give it a go!