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CashTrack is an automatic expense tracker for professionals. See expenditure across all your bank accounts.


What does CashTrack do?

CashTrack converts your text based transaction history and presents it to you in an easy to understand format.

We directly connect to all Singapore Banks

View transactions across all your bank accounts

Automatic expense categorization

CashTrack automatically categorises your expenses into one of 6 categories

Search your transactions

Use search terms like 'food' and 'groceries' to see all such expenditures

Save Money

CashTrack sets a monthly savings goal for you to save more $$!

No more receipt scanning

...or manually entering expenses into a tracker. This is tedious work. CashTrack automatically reads in your expenses and presents them to you.

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Available for iOS, Android & Web

  • Coming Soon!
    We will be launching this year!

  • Industry grade security
    We use ultra-secure encryption standards to protect your data


CashTrack, Fintech & You

automatic expense tracking is just one of the massive changes happening in Singapore's fintech landscape. And it's all for you!

Why CashTrack?

It dates back to mid-2015. I had 3 savings accounts and 4 credit cards. All acquired to get the "free" $80 cashback or the promise of enough ...

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